Akshaya E-kendras



Remittance to the Welfare Fund through Akshaya e-kendras

The following procedure is prescribed for remittance of contribution to the Welfare Fund through Akshaya Centres.

1.       The member shall produce membership card and contribution remittance card  to the nearest Akshaya e-kendra for remitting contributions to the Fund.

2.       Akshaya e-kendra shall verify the membership number and name of the member before accepting the contribution.

3.       The members shall ensure that computer generated receipts with Logo of the Kerala Non-Resident Keralites’ Welfare Board are obtained from Akshaya e-kendra while remitting the contributions. They can also insist upon to record the remittance details in the contribution cards.

4.       Members shall pay service charges at the following rates for remittance of contribution.

       upto `500       þ       `6

               `500.- `1000    þ       `11

       `1000 above    þ       `15

5.       The entrepreneur at the e-kendra shall transfer the money collected from the members of Kerala Non-Resident Keralites’ Welfare Fund through Internet banking to the State bank of Travancore Account namely M/S KNRKWB- AKSHAYA E-KENDRA COLLECTION ACCOUNT, A/C NO: 67132897592 as and when the money is collected.

6.       The e-kendras are not entrusted at present with any other duties or responsibilities except the collection of contribution relating to the Kerala Non-Resident Keralites’ Welfare Fund  

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